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I’m Michi_Todd, a digital fashion creator and 3D artist.

Not only a verified creator and wearable committee member on Decentraland but also experienced in developing gamified experiences, NFT wearables, bespoke spaces and web3 marketing strategies in the metaverse.

Portion, Phillipp Plien, NPACT (charity for charities), Fang Gang NFT and HodlHQ are all a small sample of brands I’ve collaborated with to bridge into the metaverse space!

As a creator and digital designer I work in a very collaborative and analytical style to make bespoke assets and designs that not only represent brands but also bring creativity and imaginative spin to final products.

“My designs are always fun, personal and imaginative and I encourage owners to personalise and engage with them. I hope my designs help them to bring their true selves and fantasies to life.”

Custom designs for Decentraland, CloneX, Oncyber, Spacial, Somnium Space and
Ready Player Me

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Contact me to collaborate on some wearables or any questions please DM me on twitter and we can have a conversation~