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I’m Michi_Todd, a Decentraland wearable creator and 3D artist.

Located in Melbourne, Australia. Not only do I create wearable digital fashion but I am also a member of various Metaverse teams and developing 3D NFT art.
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Check out my twitter and newly created instagram to see more examples of my work.
I’ve created over 20+ collections in Decentraland so you might even own some of the clothes I’ve designed.

Currently a creator for FACE Fashion, Fang Gang NFT, Decentraland, NPACT, HODL HQ and Altcoin Radio.

“My designs are always fun, personal and imaginative and I encourage owners to personalise and engage with them. I hope my wearables help them to bring their true selves and their fantasies to life.”

Low poly design never looked so good!

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Contact me to collaborate on some wearables or any questions please DM me on twitter and we can have a conversation~